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    Ramo Karahasan CTO
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    Serghei Ilin Software Engineer
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    Evgeniy Maltsev Software Engineer

HOW WE WORK is a developer’s product. This means most of our users are developers and we aim to make this a developer-friendly product.

It also means we, the developers, own this product. We create roadmaps, we build it, we run it, test it, monitor it.

We also decide how to run meetings, or build a pricing model, we calculate costs and contact possible users and recruit new team members personally.

Of course we could not do this without the help from other teams when we want to design user flows or create a growth strategy. There are lots of products out there but this one is ours.


  • semantic Semantic UI
  • java Java
  • dropwizard Dropwizard
  • mongo MongoDB
  • ubuntu Ubuntu
  • graylog Graylog
  • docker Docker
  • gitlab GitLab
  • kong Kong
  • marathon Marathon
  • gitter Gitter
  • mattermost Mattermost


Software Engineer Java 8 (m/f) provides a seamless and pain-free way for developers working with eCommerce data to connect shops to their applications without having to worry about implementing sign-ups, authorisation flows or platform-specific data importers. We are looking for an experienced Java developer (m/f) to join us full-time.  Learn more...

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Ramo Karahasan-Riechardt, CTO & Itembase GmbH Wilhelmstraße 118 10963 Berlin