Connect your Application to any Shop in Minutes

DataConnect was built to reduce in-house efforts for platform connectors to a minimum and enable you to concentrate on your core business.

Get Data In Less Than 30 Minutes


Our Quickstart guide allows you to
set up connections to all supported platforms within
minutes without any coding.

One qustion
Create an account on 1 min
Create a new project and
select Platform you want to connect to 1 min
icon For platforms:
Create platform app
5 min
Apply dataconnect settings in
platform app and add platform credentials
to your dataconnect account 5 min
Follow our QuickStart guide (Docker)
on your server and apply settings 10 min
Add Button Widget to
your Website 1 min
One Done
Check Data in your
Database and use it Forever
Connect Now

Code Yourself

Direct Connect

We will support you all the way
if you want a custom integration.

Dataconnect image
image Own Setup
image Server

How to connect your Shopify Shop in 10 Minutes

The video describes connecting a Shopify application using the QuickStart App provided by to your client.

Questions and answers

Yes! There is a free trial plan, that allows you to test our service and connect up to 10 shops for testing purposes

DataConnect plans are based on the number of shops and the amount of data you plan to connect via our service. As more shops you connect as cheaper the plans will get. The plans always include all shops from all chosen connectors. You don’t need to worry which connector a shops is using. If you plan to connect more than 3.000 shops please choose our Enterprise Plan and we get in touch with you within 48 hours.

There is no limit for the number of used connectors and we would love to see you using all of them. :)

You need to have at least one connector activated. You can choose the connector after you signed up for the service. If you want more connectors you can easily add them from your dashboard.

As every connector needs maintenance and support from us we decided to offer connectors as CaaS (Connector as a Service) and charge a small fee per connector. The needs of our clients are very diverse, so we let you pick and choose and change the number of connectors you need at any time. And to make it easy, every connector costs the same.

Perfect! This is great for your business, and good for us, too. We will ask you to upgrade your plan for the next month and give you enough time to do so. Unless you don’t exceed your current plan by too much we will not charge you for any shop exceeding your plan for at least that month.

You can add some features to your plan to make it perfect for your business. You will have options to standardize data automatically, to change the service level or to host our service in the cloud. We will provide more options in the future to support the various requests.

Not right now. You'll still have to pay for platform-specific costs when you decide to list your app there. Some platforms charge for listings or marketing activities. If you need help please talk to your DataConnect Integration Manager.

All plans are pre-paid – when you pay monthly for your plan you are paying for the next 30 days. If you choose the yearly billing you pay for the next 365 days.

Charges are always made in USD. If you have a card or bank account in non-USD currency, most of the time, your bank will automatically make the conversion.

Any change to your plan is possible. Increasing plans is always easy while reducing plan only works unless you remain over the amount of the currently connected shops.

Please send all your questions to and our finance team will respond within 48 hours.

You are free to cancel, upgrade or downgrade at any time. If you decide to cancel a connector you need to ensure yourselves that shops are informed.

When you cancel your plan we will end your subscription with the next billing cycle, so you have time to communicate this to your customers. To cancel a plan or connector please send us an email to If you'd like to completely delete your account, please get in contact with your Integration Manager or write to our support at

Need more? There is a free plan so you can see for yourself.

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