Setting up eBay with DataConnect

eBay introduction

To get started with your eBay integration you first need some minimal knowledge about the platform and what requirements are needed.

Integration type

eBay is a cloud platform and in order for merchants to start selling on it, an account is needed. Access to the eBay merchant data is provided via API. To get credentials to the API you need to have an eBay app which also represents your service on the eBay app store or marketplace.

To create an eBay App you need to create an eBay developer account first. See details below.

Create eBay account

As a first step of actual technical integration with eBay you need to create an account by registering at eBay as a developer. Fill out the form and follow the guide from eBay during account creation.

Create eBay App

As soon as you have a developer account you need to create a keyset. Keyset is a set of credentials to eBay API and it’s basically your eBay App. You can find more information on how to create an eBay keyset here.

You can have 2 keysets on eBay: sandbox and production. By default, the first keyset is generated for the sandbox environment. You can create the production keyset as well.

Once the sandbox keyset is created, we can proceed to DataConnect eBay configuration.

Setup eBay App credentials

Visit the DataConnect settings page]( and under the Platform settings tab fill out the form with the keyset values:

  • App ID
  • Dev ID
  • Cert ID

To get RuName parameter you need:

  • click on Notifications link which is located in App ID line
  • on opened page choose User Tokens (eBay Sign-in) tab
  • in the content of that tab click Get a Token from eBay via Your Application
  • under RuName (eBay Redirect URL name) you will find your RuName value.

Copy and paste it to the same field name on the DataConnect portal form and click Save.

Go back to the eBay page and below RuName find fields Your auth accepted URL and Your auth declined URL. Set the following values to these fields:

  • For Your auth accepted URL:
  • For Your auth declined URL:

Make sure that Auth'n'Auth is selected as authentication method. Set the desired title and click Save.

Simple test

We can already do a quick test to check if the integration works. Just prepare the link like:<your project ID>/install

and you will be redirected to the eBay authorization page which means that the integration is working.

Next step

For the next step we need to configure where DataConnect will send data for you.