DataConnect Introduction Guide

Create an account

To get started with DataConnect you first need an account. To create one:

After submitting the form, your account will be created and you will be prompted to create a project.

Create a project

In DataConnect a project represents your product/service/etc. From the technical perspective it is a set of credentials and settings to get API access to DataConnect.

After registration you will be prompted to create a project. You will see the New project page where you can set the name for your project and click Create project. DataConnect will generate necessary credentials and redirect you to the dashboard page. There you will find your project credentials. They consist of:

  • Your Project ID
  • Your Project Key
  • Your Project Secret

You can find more details about how to use project credentials on technical documentation.

Create additional projects

You might have multiple products and services in your company so it makes sense to have a separate project for each of them.

To add a new project just log in to your account and in the upper right corner you will find the project switcher. By default the last created project is highlighted there. Click the element and select New project from the drop-down menu.

You will see the same New project page as during registration. Give your new project a name and click Create project.

Add new connector to the project

To get started with your project you first need to select one or multiple connectors to the platforms you want to be integrated with.

To do so navigate to the left side menu and click on Your platforms. Then click Add platform. You will be directed to a new page with an input field with an autocomplete feature which will suggest available platforms to you while you are typing the platform name. You can add multiple platforms in that field.

You can also add platforms by clicking the platform logo from the Popular platforms section below search field and it will be added there for your.

When you have all the platforms you would like to have in your project - click Add selected platforms and you will be redirected to "Your platforms" screen where you will be able to see your platforms.

"Active platforms" and "Watchlist platforms"

Your platforms page is divided into two lists:

  • Active platforms
  • Watchlist platforms

Active platforms

The Active platforms list contains the platforms which you added and:

  • Technical integration with the platform is available on DataConnect
  • You paid for the selected platform

Watchlist platforms

When DataConnect doesn’t have technical integration to the selected platform yet, you will see them platforms under Watchlist platforms with the status of the integration.

If technical integration with DataConnect is available but you didn’t pay - the platform will be in your Watchlist platforms list with an Activate button next to it. Activation will make the platform integration settings available to you.

To activate the platform you need to complete the payment step.


Payment is an easy step. After clicking on Activate for the selected platform, a popup will be displayed where you need to provide your payment credentials and click Pay. You will see the amount you will be charged on the popup.

DataConnect creates a monthly subscription for each platform you activate and pay for.

Start integration

After your platform is activated you can proceed to the platform setup to complete the technical integration. Currently, we provide setup guides for the following platforms: