DataConnect is an eCommerce platform integration service empowering you to standardize data transfer to support your eCommerce business (and application development adventures).

DataConnect eliminates the needless complexity and extraneous details of eCommerce integrations so you can get up and running in just a couple of minutes.

DataConnect was built to reduce in-house development efforts for eCommerce platform connectors to a minimum and enable you to concentrate on your core business. No more dealing with platform-specific authorizations, authentications, data formatting or de-serializations. Increase your number of available shopping platforms without having to write custom integrations each time. Scale without additional development. It’s how eCommerce integration should be. Quick. Painless. And not your problem.

Traditional enterprise software sales is a top-down process, beginning with IT leadership. With this approach, developers are forced to simply do what they’re told—they don’t have to love or even like the product. DataConnect is a developer-first product built to solve a real need and save the scarcest of all engineering resources: TIME.

The QuickStart guide allows you to connect your platform to thousands of existing sellers without any coding. DataConnect does the heavy lifting while giving you control of everything, taking the pain out of integration for developers. You can build it yourself or use a tool that takes a few minutes to install and does it all for you.

With DataConnect doing all the heavy lifting, merchants and developers will no longer struggle to keep their heads above water, meaning they’re free to spend their energies on other, more enjoyable areas of business. DataConnect does all the heavy lifting in the background and frees up your resources to work on your core products.

DataConnect is free to try, reducing the risk of deploying. Developers can try the product first, and once they see how seamlessly it works, can scale across the organization. See Pricing for more details.

DataConnect is a service developed and provided by itembase. After spending years building integrations to standardize the ecommerce space for large projects and companies we decided to launch a dedicated self-service portal open to the full market.

That's no problem. You can keep your own Shopify integration and use the DataConnect integration on the side or just wait until your solution gets selected for one of the other 500 shopping carts out there.

We listen to the market and allow merchants to pick what integrations they would like to have activated. Once a merchant requests an integration, we enable it on our website to allow other merchants to add it on demand and the solution provider to claim their integration seamlessly. After all, we're built for developers and are trying to make onboarding hasslefree and automated (without all the sales people involved).

Feel free to schedule a live integration call here. We'll assign an Integration Expert to go over the details with you to get your solution online in 30 minutes after the initial intro call.

Merchants can use our integrations for free. Integrations are a competitive advantage for solution providers and slowly becoming the defacto standard with any ecommerce solution, so we just charge solution providers.

We support over 500 different platforms worldwide. On our self-service plan you can pick the most popular ones that merchants have requested. If you want any other platform, please setup a call here and we'll add you to our Enterprise Plan, where you can select up to 500 platform integrations.