QuickStart Guide

Our QuickStart guide provides a clean and easy way for you to start using DataConnect.io services. It helps you run a set of dockerized applications. Our docker-compose script gives you:

  • an implementation of the signup flow for connections
  • storage for connections
  • RestHook endpoints in order to receive data for connections (e.g. orders, products, store profiles)
  • storage for the data received via RestHooks

The signup flow can be easily triggered from and finished in your main application. All data is stored in a MongoDB and can be accessed via a RESTful API (based on RESTHeart) from your main application.


To get the QuickStart app to run you need to make sure that you have:

  • installed Docker (minimum required version is 17.06, see the installation guide).
  • installed Docker Compose (minimum required version is 1.14.0, see the installation guide)
  • created a DataConnect.io account and have obtained your credentials.

DataConnect.io credentials

  • Go to https://developers.dataconnect.io/register and fill in your details.
  • You will then be re-directed to a page inviting you to create your project. To do this just give your project a name and hit save.
  • You will then be invited to choose your DataConnect.io plan. Select the plan that best suits your needs and hit save.
  • That's it. You should see your DataConnect.io credentials:
    • your project id
    • your project key
    • your project secret
  • You will need these credentials to configure the QuickStart app. You can always access your DataConnect.io credentials by logging into your DataConnect.io account.

Getting started

You can either visit our quickstart repository or you can

  • Clone the QuickStart app from our githost repository: git clone https://github.com/itembase/dataconnect-docker-quickstart

  • Move into the project directory cd dataconnect-docker-quickstart

  • Run the configure script ./configure.sh

  • Run docker-compose up -d

Accessing data

Please refer to the data section in our documentation.