Magento 1.7 - 1.9 Connector Release team is excited to announce that Magento connector is released.

Supported versions

Magento CE (Community Edition) 1.7.x, 1.8.x, 1.9.x

Connector features

  • Brandable Magento Plugin
  • Sign-up flow using Magento native authentication mechanism
  • Magento Event Notifications
  • Magento Native API access

Brandable Magento Plugin offers the possibility to brand Magento plugin. It can be used for publishing on Magento marketplace.

Sign-up flow using Magento native authentication mechanism

Magento has built-in mechanisms to manage access to the 3rd party integrations. use them to get access to the platform and provide shop owner control and transparency of the integration.

We provide Magento plugin with one-click integration. Your customer don't need to copy/paste anything. Just install the plugin, click a button and allow access to your application.

Magento Event Notifications

Magento doesn't support event notifications via API. Events are only available for plugins. So Magento plugin will intercept them and notify the platform. Additionally, plugin will provide API for controlling which notifications should be enabled and which are not.

You can check available events by visiting Magento 1.x Events Reference.

Supported events are:

  • adminhtml_customer_save_after
  • catalog_controller_category_delete
  • catalog_controller_product_delete
  • adminhtml_sales_order_create_process_data
  • store_edit
  • store_add
  • store_delete
  • catalog_product_upsell
  • catalog_product_compare_add_product
  • catalog_product_compare_remove_product
  • catalog_category_tree_move_after
  • category_move
  • catalog_product_is_salable_after
  • catalog_product_import_after
  • catalog_product_website_update
  • catalog_product_status_update
  • catalog_category_change_products
  • catalog_category_tree_move_after
  • checkout_cart_add_product_complete
  • checkout_type_multishipping_set_shipping_items
  • checkout_type_multishipping_create_orders_single
  • checkout_multishipping_controller_success_action
  • checkout_controller_onepage_save_shipping_method
  • checkout_cart_product_add_after
  • checkout_cart_update_items_after
  • checkout_cart_info_item_unset_product_before
  • checkout_type_onepage_save_order
  • checkout_type_onepage_save_order_after
  • payment_method_is_active
  • checkout_type_onepage_save_order
  • sales_order_place_after
  • sales_quote_remove_item
  • sales_quote_add_item
  • sales_convert_order_to_quote
  • sales_convert_quote_to_order
  • sales_order_creditmemo_refund
  • sales_order_creditmemo_cancel
  • sales_order_invoice_pay
  • sales_order_invoice_cancel
  • sales_order_item_cancel
  • sales_order_payment_pay
  • sales_order_payment_cancel_invoice
  • sales_order_payment_void
  • sales_order_payment_refund
  • sales_order_payment_cancel_creditmemo
  • sales_order_payment_cancel
  • sales_quote_item_qty_set_after
  • sales_quote_item_set_product
  • sales_quote_address_discount_item
  • sendfriend_product
  • tax_settings_change_after
  • wishlist_add_product

Magento Native API access

Using Magento native authentication mechanism get access to Magento API and can provide for its customers native API access using authentication mechanism.

We support only RESTfull JSON API.